Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Scott and I made the trek to CT on Tuesday night around 8p to avoid the predicted rain/wind storm and to miss the traffic. 

Looks like everyone else had the same plan. It took 2 hrs to get to CT vs the usual 1 via the mass pike, but 3 hrs total wasn't bad for the holiday travel time. 

Thanksgiving day, we started off with the usual Turkey Trot  in Stratford. It was so cold, I didn't even take pictures!! It took me a mile in to feel warmish, and to feel my toes! I took my gloves off by the end because apparently my hands are heaters when I run. I thought I did pretty well, but my time was a bit longer than I thought it would be. Oh well - it was fun to do. Next up - dinner prep! 

We hung around my parents house and watched the parade, had a cheese plate (again, no pics! such a slacker) and then dinner around 3:30 with my grandparents. We left around 6 to head back to Wallingford for the night! 

Shiloh would love for you to drop some Turkey her way. 

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