Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tis The Season

Saturday night was the Faneuil Hall Tree Lighting / Blink!  Scott has always been very into the Christmas Spirit, and I'm coming back around to loving the season. We've listened to Christmas music already and even watched The Santa Clause last weekend. (sorry for breaking the rules, Heather!

We arrived super early after grabbing a bite to eat at Mija, and settled in at the outdoor bar of the Ames Plow Tavern. So glad we waited there, it was roped off, capped off on entry, with a good view of the tree and access to beer! It was a bit cold (we had to buy gloves and a hat at Urban Outfitters) but fun to watch the insanity that we were not a part of. People were trying to climb over and under the chain to get in, and bouncers were so annoyed. When the event started, local radio DJ's intro'd the musical guest, Paula Cole. (Yes, the Dawson's Creek theme song singer) After the build up - the tree was lit! Countdown, cheering, and then a 2.5 minute light show ! 


They even shot out paper "Snow"! so fun! 

The crowd was intense. I didn't get a pic of it, so I borrowed one from Twitter.
 In the pic below, you can see my location was much closer, so think of how far back some people were and how crowded it was! Insanity. We took refuge in the Ames Plow Tavern for a bit before tackling the T crowd. 

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