Monday, November 11, 2013

Broken Hearted

 November 11, we lost our best friend, Ozzy.
He was the most loyal, loving, sweet natured dog, 
would do anything for his main man, Scott. 

Oz and I had a special friendship. 
He let me in to his relationship with Scott, and let me know that he knew
Scott was OK in Boston.  He followed me around when Scott wasn't 
home, and made me feel special that I was second in command. 
I have never been so heartbroken, or loved and lost so hard. 
I have lost pets I was close to, but Oz was something special. 
He literally took a piece of my heart with him, and will always be a part of mine. 

Rest in Peace my little Baybo. You will always be missed and loved. xo. 

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