Saturday, October 5, 2013

Electric Run

Scott, Colleen and I signed up for the Electric Run at Gillette Stadium. 5k, at night at a stadium, sounds fun! When we first got there, I was a little concerned. There were a TON of people. So many were over the top dressed up and blinking in glow sticks /lights/etc. I thought, Oh man, are we too old for this?? But, after we got through the corral to start, it was a fun time! 

At the start

These glasses blinked, and died before the run started.

The course had all different light set ups throughout. 
We started in front of the pro shop, ran through the lot, around the side of the stadium, and finally up through the zig zag walkway to the 300 level seats, across, and back down. 
It was super crowded so you couldn't run the entire thing if you wanted to, but we still ran a good portion. I think night running is my time of day - it felt easier and less like a chore. Maybe because I knew it was only 3mi not the 13 I did a few weeks ago! 

Lights on the trees and signage

Our fave section! 

Done! the crowd was nuts so we left right away.

All done! Happy Friday!

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