Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tool Time

When Home Improvement was on the air, my grandma typically referred to it as Tool Time. So now, when I have any home improvement projects, I think of them as "Tool Time" 

Anyway - This weekend we had some typical cleaning to do, but also we had to defrost and de-ice our fridge. Our refrigerator had a wall of ice on it, that literally took up half the shelf space and froze all our produce and yogurts. We were throwing out a bunch of food, so we had to fix it. 

Cut to Saturday - when I unplugged the fridge, and melted the ice with a hair dryer. Scott and I used a knife sharpener and a hammer to break the glacier. After an hour or so, we had our fridge back but are still battling with the temp to get our yogurts to not be frozen! 
Scott hammers out the ice                              ice.                        

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