Monday, August 18, 2008

Milford Summer Tradition

This weekend I was in CT for the 34th Annual Milford Oyster Festival. I was asked to be one of the photographers of the event, since my mom was on the publicity committee. It is a very different experience to be attending the Oyster Fest vs. capturing it for the website. I saw so many fewer classmates, but partly believe this is because I just wasn't paying attention to who was around. Later in the day - when I already had hundreds of photos, I said hi to a few people, but it was minor compared to the high school reunion it used to be. Anyway - it started Friday night, which was rainy and gross. But Saturday was gorgeous and great. My fave part was the canoe/kayak race,and made me sort of annoyed at myself for not kayaking more this summer. At least there are some weekends left, and Sept. is still a good time to go. So, the photos will eventually be posted to the Milford Oyster Fest site ( and soon will be on the page I created of my own photos. I promise to put them up soon. In the meantime, look at some of my old pics.
Some random preview shots from O.F. '08:

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