Monday, August 25, 2008

Get in Shape Girl

Ok so - I was talking to Heather this weekend about laziness/flabbiness. I could probably stand to lose at least 10lbs. I see pictures of myself and think, ew - what happened?

Also - I have goals that I have not yet accomplished because I am a lazy butt. I signed up for a 5k in Sept. w/ my friend Lauren bc I need motivation to run. I need to sign up for a 10k bc I really want to just do it. Then - once I do a 10k, I can do a half marathon, and eventually a marathon. I knew I wanted to run a marathon in JANUARY. What have I been doing? Not training for one. Ugh.

How am I going to get motivated?

1. I signed up for a 'free' personal training session at WOW (WOW = work out world/ my gym). I have to go there on Thurs w/ 5 goals so the trainer can tell me how to get it done. (Then tell me that it will cost me millions of $ to continue working w/ him) *

2. Sign up for runs w/ friends and then force myself to train for it so I'm not embarassed. (9/14 could potentially be embarassing. Sometimes I think I should sleep in my sneakers so I will run in the morning.)

3. Promise my sister I will run the Disneyland Half Marathon in Aug. 09.

4. I joined a group called Twilight Throwers I threw Jav and disc in high school and actually miss it, so I'm excited to find a way back in, even if I just missed their 'season' and have to train alone all fall/winter.

5. I posted this on my blog so now I have to stick to it all so I can blog about it, and know that if I don't do it I will feel like a loser for not doing it now that I told everyone what I want to do.

If anyone else has any motivational tools or tips, please share.

Also - does anyone remember that "Get in Shape Girl" cassette tape?

*It is a promotional offer where obviously you sign up for one, fall in love w/ having someone kick your butt into shape and then wish you could afford a trainer.

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Sarah said...

I totally remember Get in Shape Girl. I had the whole set of "workout equipment"!