Saturday, January 3, 2009

X marks the spot

Snow sucks when you have street parking. You have to shovel out a spot and then you leave and risk losing it. In Boston, residents are allowed to reserve parking spots they shoveled out after a snowstorm for 48 hours by placing an object on the pavement. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MEDFORD. I should know, I called the cops to ask.
Our fantastic* neighbor, who we've dubbed 'Joan Jett' - is marking her spot with cones. It snowed Wednesday, so even if she was allowed to follow the 48 hour rule, it is over now. Things that my friends and I have discussed doing to the cones:
- pouring water on them and hoping they freeze to the street
- putting them on their front porch
- stuffing foul smelling items inside (i.e. dead fish, etc.) so when they put the cones in their trunk the car smells
- removing them and hiding them/throw them away
- burning them (this will not be good for us bc burning plastic smells and is bad for the environment.)

I have yet to bring myself to move the cones, or do anything about it. . partly because I think it is just as petty and immature as Joan Jett putting the cones out in the first place. She is crusin' for a bruisin'.** haha.

*Joan Jett thinks she is entitled to a parking spot in front of her house bc she does not have a driveway. Unfortunately for her, the street is public parking and we all pay for permits to park here. She calls our landlord to complain. our landlord says, put in a driveway - they can park wherever they want. She leaves notes on our cars that say, your car has been in front of my house for 2 days (someone was away for the weekend) please move it since we don't have a driveway and want to park in front of our house. If Joan was sick, or had a disability, I'd be way nicer about it. She is just a b*tch.

** when we were younger and annoying my mom, she'd let us know we were on thin ice by telling us we were "crusin' for a brusin'."


Hedder02 said...

she needs a checkup from the neckup

Paula said...

Put a note on the cones saying "your cones have been here too long. please move them."

what a stupid cow she is. i hate people like that.

as far as I can see, she doesn't OWN the road. therefore she can't stop other people with permits from parking there? right?