Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ridiculous - have you heard of this site - ? Apparently some Duke University grad started it as a forum to anonymously gossip about your school, classmates, etc. I found out about it on, and was disgusted.
People list names of classmates for comments and discussions - and the information can be completely true or completely fabricated, and it's up to the public to form their own opinions. The comments and discussions also cover topics such as where is the best place to live on/off campus, best bars, etc - but that also turns ugly when people comment out of control.
Seriously - why do people find it entertaining to spend their time talking about other people and speculating on their lives? At some point in life, everyone gossips - sometimes innocently, as in - did you hear so and so got engaged. Sometimes maliciously - as in - Did you see person x & person y sitting in the cafeteria? That must mean something is going on between them. Come on. Find something else to do.
In high school - I couldn't wait to leave and get to college where I though petty situations like that might die down a bit. To my disgust, it got worse. When I entered the working world, I thought - Finally the b.s. will stop. Nope, not there either. I am grateful that I am not in college now - because this juicy campus b.s. would be too much to deal with. I'm sure it causes all sorts of unnecessary fights, with people accusing their friends of making comments or whatever. And - it is just mean and hurtful. Why do people think they have the right to post on a forum like this? (Even if it is 'anonymous') If you can't tell someone something to their face that you are telling others - then you probably shouldn't be saying it at all.*

*unless of course you are planning a surprise party or something fun!

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