Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A dream involving Britney Spear's kids?

I had a weirdo dream last night that I need to discuss.
I got a call that I needed to babysit - which wasn't weird in the dream but is sort of strange bc I haven't babysat in years. So I went over to this house, which was massive and had gates. I get inside and I am at Britney Spears' house. She has been arrested and I have to watch her kids. So I am playing w/ her sons, hanging out. Then, Britney comes home and says it was all a joke, she is not arrested and is laughing a lot. Next, I am sitting in the back of a van, and the doors are open. Someone tied up my hands w/ plastic ties (I saw this happen in an episode of How I met Your Mother at the gym yesterday) but told me it was just for a bit for a radio show. Then I see a guy from a local radio station roaming around the park we are nearby. And the person I am with goes, 'Look - it's the Gunner!'* Then I woke up.

*the Gunner is a fan of the aforementioned radio show - who is always hammered and calls up the show with nonsense comments.

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Hedder02 said...

hmmmmm i would say this one is your brain just sorting things out that is your memory and piecing them together. but im no dream expert