Wednesday, October 8, 2008

less than a month from now

We will know who our next President is. There are people who are still deciding on who to vote for, some people confused about who they want, and some who have made up their minds already. Luckily, we only have a few more weeks of the campaigning.

I've made up my mind on who to vote for, but I'm getting impatient. The debate last night was annoying to watch, since the candidates were sort of rude to the moderator, Tom Brokaw. It was Brokaw's job to keep those two in line, on time, and try to get them to answer questions. Instead, Obama and McCain ran over their time limits and didn't exactly answer what was being asked. I wish the candidates would stop telling me that they have a plan, and actually tell me what their plans are.
I can only hope for the best for this country which is in need of some serious help! Whoever wins has a rough few years ahead. It is a hard job to do, a big mess to clean up, and they have a tough crowd to win over.

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Hedder02 said...

I liked how McCain did not answer that young black man's question but Obama did. Obama was like - basically what the economic crisis means for you is you & your friends cant get loans. Thank you! that is all we wanted to hear!