Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make it Work!

Yay for another season of Project Runway! I tried to predict the winner/loser last night, but I'm terrible at predicting the future. The dress that won was pretty creative, but I would have picked the cup dress (blue, below). And for the loser - I would have gone with that hideous thing below(last pic). What is that supposed to be anyway? The designers had to use material from the grocery store, which must be so hard! My roommate and I were discussing what we would pick - we decided on a skirt made of cereal boxes, but struggled with an idea for a top. Some of my favorite outfits: SOLO cups
Pasta and labels
Paper towels
wtf is this?

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Hedder02 said...

I loved when they were trashing Jerry's coat. Heidi was like - She looks like a hospital plummer.

Kors - A 'handiwipe gone wrong'

Heidi - Where does she wear this?
Jerry - A night on the town
Heidi - Yeah, a night on the town after she leaves the hospital