Wednesday, July 2, 2008

flight update

The plane we are waiting for is still circling. (Glad I am not on that flight) it may have to land in Manchester,NH to refuel and then come back to Boston. I think Manchester is less than an hour by car from Boston, so I wonder how high that plane actually gets before it goes back down. But you should have heard the groans and b*tching the crowd here did when that announcement came. I am pretty grateful I am in a good mood! I am very excited to go to CA and see Heather, Evie and Erik, and I'm sure I will get there eventually so I can't really complain.
*** the elusive plane has landed. I think someone actually cheered.***

We boarded the plane, sat on it for 45 min and then were told it wouldn't take off til 7:30. I thought - 1. there is no way I will make my connection in Chicago. 2. If I stay on this plane, I might not get to CA til tomorrow. So, while on board, and in the process of de-planing, I called United, and asked for any other way to get to San Fran. They booked me on a flight through DC, and while I was in line to print that ticket, I got a call from United. The Chicago flight was cancelled. I saw the entire plane line up at customer service and was grateful for cell phones and the 1800 customer service number! Needless to say, I got to San Fran by midnight, almost hassle free.

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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. I would've died if I was on that circling plane.