Friday, July 11, 2008

heck yes, it is Friday

It's so close to the weekend! Fridays at DD we get out at 1:30, which is fabulous! Because we usually have a ton to do, sometimes we don't get out til 3, or later, but today - the bosses are out, so you can bet we will depart at 1:30.

Weekend plans: Tonight - dinner w/ a friend. Tomorrow - possible beach day, perhaps going w/ a friend to her husbands softball game, driving to Vernon, CT to see my cousins play at 7pm. Sunday - Softball double header at 6 and 8pm. Semi quiet and relaxing, but not boring!

I'm off now to make sure we are all set with our orders for the shoot in LA next week. Oh and some billing fun. 1:30 cannot come fast enough.

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Hedder02 said...

why arent you blogging this week. chello!!