Monday, May 5, 2008

MS Bike 08

The MS Bike for 2008 is complete! The weekend always goes by too quickly, but the event was a success.

Riding with me was my roommate Colleen, and we met up with her friend Kate, who rode on a team for Circle Furniture. My other roommate Jen graciously volunteered her time and pb & j making skills at the South Beach rest stop, re-fueling all of the bikers. After the bike, we enjoyed a bbq at the Martha's Vineyard high school, free massages, and then headed back to our rented house for hot showers. Exhausted from the ride and weather, we made pizzas, watched a movie and fell asleep early!

Thanks girls for taking the trek to MV for the bike.. it means so much to be able to do this bike for all the people I know with MS.

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