Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't Dream It's Over

A friend of mine is a huge fan of Crowded House - so we went to see them at the Somerville theater 5/5. I may have been one of the youngest in the crowd, but it was fun to watch people get so into a band they haven't seen in a while.

The band was very fun to watch - very crowd engaging, and funny. They talked about how they used to play the 'shark' game when they were kids. Where you try to get through a room in the house without touching the floor because there is a shark you are trying to avoid. (imaginary, of course.) I used to play that game, but I'm not sure I thought of it as a shark.. anyway. So the band carried on the 'shark' joke for a while, and at one point the lead singer goes to the bass player, "Nick - please don't touch the floor, there is a shark." And the lead singer gave the bass player a piggy back ride to another part of the stage. It was hilarious. Overall, a great night.

Who the heck is Crowded House? You might remember them from their 90's hit - Don't Dream It's Over. check it out on You Tube.

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