Thursday, May 1, 2008

actions speak louder than words

Miley Cyrus vs. Vanity Fair

Is the picture of Miley Cyrus by Annie Leibovitz art or inappropriate? The fact of the matter is, Miley and Co. took the photo and approved it. I sort of wish they would just say, I allowed this picture to be taken and approved it for reasons x, y, z. ? Not back pedal when an ounce of criticism is made on it.

Annie Leibovitz is an incredibly talented photographer. If you look at her portraits, they might not always be the most flattering or glamorous images of the person in them, but they tend to reveal an aspect of that person's career, or personality. (This is true for her family and friends, as well as celebrities.) If a celebrity has chosen to work with her (or has the priviledge to) they probably should look at her collections, understand her style, or tell her they are unhappy with the photo before they have to defend it to the public.

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