Monday, March 11, 2013

SN-OMG ! (3/8)

I get it, a lot of people in the NE are burnt out on the snow this year. I was lucky enough to miss the huge snowstorm that closed airports, my office and kept people indoors for a few days. CA was not a bad place to ride out the storm! 

Exactly one month later, we got hit again. We had a 2 hr delay at work, which was much needed as I had some digging to do. The neighbors took a half hearted first pass at the driveway, and left this gem in front of the stairs. 
Um, that's not where it goes, neighbors. 

Let's not shovel, let's drive over it. It's only 8 inches. 

Weird snow drifty patterns makes the digging quite sporadic

Snowed in bikes in Boston.

By 4p that day, the snow stopped, had turned to some rain, and the roads were clear. Empty of weather and traffic, making a quick trip to CT for the weekend! 

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