Saturday, March 16, 2013

Italian Vino Days

Beginning last year we started making wine with Lou (Stephen's father in law), Stephen, and Big Steve. Lou was moving so he needed a new location for his wine making operation. The Vollono's basement was the perfect fit. In the fall, we crushed the grapes with Lou's homemade grape crusher. (it uses an old washing machine motor) 

The crushed grapes sat in these (2) blue barrels for a week, being stirred 2x day. 
Then, the guys transferred the wine to the barrels in the basement. The remaining grapes at the bottom were put in the crusher: 

all the extra juice was put in the barrels, along with some purchased grape juice/ wine juice. 

Lou is a master crusher! 

Cute helper - Sophia. We spent time cleaning barrels, and keeping her dance outfit clean! 

Fast forward to March 16: 
Time to break open the barrels ! 

Siphoning the wine into Demi Johns and bottles

Lou educates us on the finer points of wine making, such as "Don't spill it on the floor"

Head supervisor - Eric! (Sophia's bro) 

There are about 4-5 FULL demi johns of wine! 

Excess wine dumping - used by Lou to make Vinegar

We have 3 types of wine - a blend (small amount from left over jugs), 
Sangiovese  and a Cabernet

Same helper, different dance outfit! 

After we emptied the barrel, there was a mild wine river

Video of barrel cleaning to follow! 

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