Sunday, February 3, 2013

New York, New York

I was just in NYC for work for about a week. Really it was Wednesday, Thurs, Fri. - then Monday PM - Thursday AM. We had 4 shoot days, 1x12 hr, 3x 13 hr. , but we got so much done! 

View through CT to NYC

I got to the studio on Wednesday 1/23 and saw this! So excited to learn MJ Fox is filming at Silvercup starting in March. I love him and would LOVE to meet him! 

Typically at a shoot we are in the client area set up on leather couches. There were so many of us that we relocated to the conference room and brought the TV in to view the shots. so much easier to get stuff done w/ a desk v. a couch!

All day long there is a ridiculous spread of food. After a (Catered) breakfast we have chips, cookies, crackers, candy, etc. til lunch. Then the spread comes back out with cheese an crackers, etc. so bad for overall eating. So delicious.

Gorgeous view of NYC from Queens! To the right is the Triborough bridge, and masked in snow/fog is Manhattan

On Monday - I left CT for a few more days in NY. Watch the Gap in New Haven to get the commuter rail back to the city.

Clearer view of NYC -- the bridge would be to the right, but it got cut off. This is the view from the studio! 

1/31 - train at 6:20 a back to Boston. Somewhere between New Haven and New London there is a pot of gold! ha. 

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