Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cutie Pups

Last weekend, Laurel's (scott's mom) friend Deanna visited with her adorably sweet pups Izzy and Sunny. These Australian Shepherds were so nice, and so loving! It makes me wish Scott and I could have more dogs! 

Rudy (pictured), Sunny and Izzy took a hike with Laurel, Deanna and Auntie Sue and her dogs (Olivia, Bella and Bear - all Goldens. Fun Fact: Bella is Rudy's mom! ) Rudy was all tuckered out after the 2 hr hike and passed out when they got home. 

Izzy trying to stay awake and visit

3 Aussies! so cute

Izzy and Sunny

Sunny - exhausted and not wanting to miss a second of the love ! 

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