Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A place for everything

I've always been the messy one. Stuffed animals in a pile, books scattered on the floor, clothes everywhere, unmade bed. Once, my mom promised I could eat malted easter eggs while watching Muppets Take Manhattan - which was the perfect combo in my world - *IF* I cleaned my room. Really cleaned it - not shoving it all under the bed or in the closet. 

The closet was really the worst offender. That nook could handle so much of my junk crammed into the corners and piled high.  Even as I got older, and the sweaters and shoes replaced toys and books and my closet has resembled something like the image below on and off for the past few years. 

*Not my actual closet, but close to what it looked like * 

The mess was getting the better of my sanity so I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to check out the organization tools that would work in my space. 

I ended up with two new items: 
Real Simple Shoe and Boot organizer
Brown Z Cart /Drawers 

And weeded things out of my current stock:
Over the door shoe rack
Bookcase/bins for sports stuff (bike shoes, helmet, etc.) 
Plastic bins (nail polish, health and beauty supplies, electronics)

And ended up with the cleanest closet I have ever had! I Love the Real Simple organizer -- only $20 and fits so much. I can't believe I have empty space! That might be my new go-to for organizational products. 

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