Thursday, January 20, 2011

walking fail

On Good Morning America today they talked to the woman who was so preoccupied texting that she walked into/fell into a fountain in a mall. Ok - that is an unfortunate incident. Thankfully she was ok. 

The issue I have here, is she has a lawyer, and is trying to sue the security guards for 1. posting the video on line, 2. laughing at her and causing embarassment, 3. not coming to see if she needed help. 

1. Was the best decision to post it online? No. They could probably be fired for that. 

2. Ok, huge ego blow to fall in a fountain because you aren't paying attention. However - If she didn't come forward - who would have known it was her?? She claims her nephew called and said he saw it, but could he really recognize her in the grainy video or did she tell him what happened and then he saw it and knew it was her? 

3. She says her self that she walked away immediately, so if they did come, they would not have found her. But - I get it, they could have been more responsible. 

I really hope the mall doesn't have to compensate her for her klutzy inability to pay attention.

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