Sunday, December 5, 2010

cloud nine


Last December, Heather and I saw HAIR For the second time, and danced on stage at the end of the show . After meeting the cast, we were on cloud 9 - and determined that we could die happy after such a fantastic day. Well, last night I felt just as excited. Gavin Creel - who was the original lead in HAIR as Claude - was performing at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge.  Even though no one else was interested in going - I could NOT miss out when he was in town. So I left the Movember pub crawl to see him.

It was a-mazing. I actually made friends in line - 3 students from Suffolk University (theater majors) who asked if I was there alone and offered to let me sit with them. It was so sweet, and nice to be able to enjoy the show with people who love Gavin as much as I do. Ryan (from Suffolk) had a tshirt on that said "Mr. Gavin Creel", and his friends Jessica and Tiffany had shirts that said "Best Man" and "Ring Bearer". At the end of the show, Gavin was at the back of the club saying hi and taking pictures. People were lining up to buy cd's so I walked right over and talked to him for a few minutes! He gave me a hug, and I was thrilled. Still riding the high from it. Then - he signed Ryan, Jess and Tiffany's t-shirts. Such a fun night.

Ryan - Mr. Gavin Creel

Gavin said "I do!" 

so sweet to take this pic for Ryan! and SO adorable.

Lots of videos from the show on you tube. I think the woman taking this was sitting in front of me. She essentially filmed the entire thing.

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