Thursday, November 18, 2010

it's that time again

The upside, and downfall to a month to month deal on an apartment is the flexibility of coming and going whenever you want or need to make a change. Inevitably there will be turnover. I'm on the 3rd hunt for a roommate and I've only lived in this place for 1 yr, 3 mos. 

1. [August 2009] Moved in - Roommates: Kelly (never there, always at boyfriend/now fiance's place) and Johanna, had recently started dating her bf.
2. [February 2010] Kelly moved in w/ her boyfriend/now fiance. We searched and lucked out with a girl who worked with Johanna. Enter Norah.
3. [July 2010] Norah got married! Yay for her, but a PAINFUL roommate search for us. (you will not believe the sorts of people we met.)  Enter Connie.
4. [Present day] Johanna is moving in with her boyfriend! Yay for her! Sad for me. Roommate search begins. We already have 3 responses, and one meeting set for Monday.

Wish me luck.

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