Thursday, October 21, 2010


work has been nuts this week! Between unforseen family stuff leading to my boss being out, re records, up coming shoots, and training for a launch of a new media system, we have been busy! On top of that, last night we had a goodbye party / drinks for TWO brand team members. I'm happy for them to be moving on to new places, but it is sad for us to lose them.

Needless to say, I'm happy that the weekend is near. I didn't see Scott last weekend, since I was in NY with friends for George and Kate's wedding. And he has been working nights the past few days, so we have not even talked that much! Friday will be a nice relaxing night, followed by a FANTASTIC Saturday event - HAIR at the Shubert, New Haven with mom! I cannot wait. HAIR thrills me in a way I cannot even explain. It makes me happy, and is my #1 mood lifter. The show is emotional, in that it has a sad ending - but the END of the show is so uplifting and positive when they reprise Let the Sunshine In, and of course HAIR, while the audience floods the stage.

A combo of all things below make for a great weekend!

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