Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grilled Cheesus

I was disappointed with the Glee Britney episode last week. It was mostly a music video with a weak plot line. If this was the direction the show was going in, they were going to lose me as a viewer. 

Luckily, they bounced back this week with an episode true to the original format. The songs fit the plot, flowed pretty well with the story similar to a musical and not a forced music video. I thought Finn's experience with his Grilled Cheesus was funny, though I'm sure there will be articles and comments on blogs about how it is making fun of religion. 

 The episode was pretty heavy * with Kurt's dad being in the hospital, and all his friends trying to help him out, while he rejects prayer and God in general. It was touching the way all his friend rallied for him - especially Mercedes, who is a great combination of sweet and fierce. LOVE her.  (Though I am still a bit bummed they are putting Quinn/Diana Agron in the background. Where are her solos??)  
ps. Kurt's rendition of "I wanna hold your hand" totally made me tear up! 


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