Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was rainy, cold and pretty low key. Friday night I met my friend Dave for dinner and wine. Saturday - cleaning, errands, all the fun stuff. That night, I was not inspired to go out at all. I rented 2 movies - An Education and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I made a delicious dinner of cereal and strawberries. (After a late lunch of chicken tacos.) It was actually nice to have the house to myself and lay on the couch. (Norah is in FL and Johanna was at her boyfriend's house.) 
Sunday - I tackled the basement. We had gotten a few inches of water in the past few rainstorms, and our basement flooded. I didn't 
think my stuff got wet or damaged but some did. There was a box of old notebooks and papers from old jobs (nothing that important) that I was holding on to. Lots of outdated things. I can't shred them bc they are soaked. But the good news is, if you try to ready anything it rips and crumbles and is all stuck together so you can't get any info out of it anyway. An entire hanging folder - glued shut by water. ICK. It was slimy and gross. Also - there was a box with CD's in it. Ok, not too bad right? Wrong. The cases and books of the CDs were SOAKED. maybe 5 were ok. I took out the CD's and threw out the books. I spent a good hour drying them off, and then my kitchen smelled like gross dirty water. I have lots to drag to the curb on trash day! Also - today I finally picked up my bike from my old garage, and since the back tire was flat - I went to the gym to get in some training for the upcoming MS bike.

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