Monday, April 19, 2010

Over it.

A few random things I could have done without this weekend: 
- My roommate taking my computer plug and giving it to her bf because she thought he left it there. Realizing this Saturday night, then, waiting til late Sunday afternoon to get it back. 
- Going down to the basement, and getting locked out of the house by my other roommate who didn't realize I was down there. Then, having to stand at the back door and wait for her to get out of the shower so she could let me in.
- Finding a box of sopping wet CD's and having to dry them off.
- Going to get my bike at the old apt, and realizing that the seat is waaay too high so someone must have ridden it, and that the back tire is so flat it is hanging off the rim. Not ideal.
- Waking up at 12:30 and seeing candles still lit in the living room - on the bookcase and on some wall hanging candle thing we have, and noticing my roommate who lit them all has gone to bed
- Missing Sv on a rainy afternoon where we could have taken advantage of the beer wheel at Red Bones  (*NOT missing painting w/ him in CT! Sorry bud.)

I lucked out with the random roommates I have, but a studio apt in Quincy is looking more enticing. 

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