Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've spent a bunch of time in NY for work lately, shooting food footage for TV spots. It's way more fun to be in the studio than in an office, but we have really really long days. (12-14 hours) Mostly, we sit in the client area w/ couches on our computers doing work while shots are being set up, or while food is being prepared. Then we watch via monitor, or in the actual studio to make sure the shots are right.

Unfortunately for my waistline, there is a plethora of food available ALL DAY LONG. In the morning, a woman is there to make breakfast, and has a spread of fruit, pancakes, etc out. Then it moves to snack foods - crackers, chips, dips, candy. Then, lunch. Then back to snack foods. Apparently I love dried edamame and chocolate covered almonds.

Sometimes we attempt to go out to dinner, or out for a drink one night. Last time we were there, we saw actor Peter Dinklage  (from the movies Elf, Death at a Funeral, and Penelope) at the Standard Hotel Biergarten.  And, when we were there around my bday - we ended up at Hogs and Heifers which is similar to Coyote Ugly. It was a bit amusing, but mostly kind of trashy and annoying to have bartenders yelling @ you with megaphones! 

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