Monday, September 28, 2009


ughhhh it's already starting, and it's barely fall. 
I have light, fairly thin hair. . which means it is super prone to static. time to break out the spray gels and static removers (yup, mostly made for kids.) 

Weird dream.

ok what is up w/ weird dreams lately?? I have been remembering them more often, but also, other people have been telling me their dreams too. 
Last night - I had a dream that I got to work on a Friday and we had to go on a field trip. Both my parents were on the bus. We get to the destination, which is some sort of Pilgrim/Puritan/Amish plantation. They tell the girls who are wearing skirts that they need to put on knee socks bc you aren't allowed to show off your legs. We get inside to this huge mansion and my parents and I start to explore. Suddenly- my mom gets back pain and lays on the floor. (Yes, just like Phyllis in the "Cafe Disco" episode of The Office.  (skip to 9:45) ) When she feels better, we start going up tons of stairs that spiral. I look into a room, which is grayish blue and has two beds in it.  In one was a person, and I couldn't tell if it was wax or real.  The face was all washed out and looked scary! I asked out loud if it was real, and the person turned their head and had their mouth open. Creepy. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


People of Walmart has some good ones today! 

You scroll through and think, "It cannot get any worse.." and then it does. These are my favorites today: 

not an issue

I think a lot of people would agree that Kanye West is inappropriate, especially after his last episode at the VMA's and this other gem.  But now, there is all sorts of uproar over Obama's comment that Kanye is a 'jackass', made off the record. If you listen to the audio, found on that link I just posted - it is pretty harmless. The question was 'how do your girls feel about it' - considering they are probably Taylor Swift fans, and Obama's answer is basically - I don't get why Kanye did that. The jackass comment is made off the cuff, and honestly made me laugh a bit. Yes - he is the president, and yes, he has an image to uphold. But at the end of the day - he is also a regular guy who has an opinion! I think comments like that remind me that he can still be down to earth even though he has a high profile, high pressure job. 
I say let it go - it was a random comment, I'm not convinced the public will overwhelmingly think poorly of him or that his image will be too tainted from this. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh say can you see My eyes if you can Then my hair's too short

Love love love this. . and cannot stop listening to the soundtrack!

it's alright cause I'm Saved by the Bell!

randomly i just thought of the episode of saved by the bell when jesse's dad gets married to the fitness instructor at his resort and zack hits on her at the gym
I couldn't find a clip of it on You Tube. But here is another gem from that show: 

dogs do not talk, unless I am asleep

I had a dream about Heather's dog, Evie. Evie LOVES to bark. I think she likes to hear herself. So in my dream, Heather and I were walking the dog, and she was barking her head off. (not literally) Finally- H yelled at her, and she wrestled out of her collar, turned around and said, 'See ya' and ran off so we had to chase her. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday randomness

A friend of mine showed me an amazing picture of a sunset that he took off the beach in Quincy. It made me  want to live near the beach, but I like being near the city too. I guess you still get that in Quincy.  I love my new apartment but I'm still itching to be random roommate/friend living arrangement free. 
I have a new appreciation for NYC. I used to be indifferent, since I was overwhelmed by it at first, and then favored Boston. (Yes, I still love Boston) After going there for work, to visit Jess, and to see shows - I enjoy it. I do NOT like Times Sq. that is the WORST part of the city. I think I am more familiar with it which clearly makes it more enticing and puts me at ease. It's strange that it took me longer to catch on there than anywhere else. I guess one or two sporadic visits will get that result, vs. living near Boston, or being forced to figure out a new city while living there for a month (London). Anyway - I'd live there, whereas at other points I had crossed off my list and was even annoyed when someone said - ' you have to live in NY at some point in your life!'