Tuesday, September 15, 2009

not an issue

I think a lot of people would agree that Kanye West is inappropriate, especially after his last episode at the VMA's and this other gem.  But now, there is all sorts of uproar over Obama's comment that Kanye is a 'jackass', made off the record. If you listen to the audio, found on that link I just posted - it is pretty harmless. The question was 'how do your girls feel about it' - considering they are probably Taylor Swift fans, and Obama's answer is basically - I don't get why Kanye did that. The jackass comment is made off the cuff, and honestly made me laugh a bit. Yes - he is the president, and yes, he has an image to uphold. But at the end of the day - he is also a regular guy who has an opinion! I think comments like that remind me that he can still be down to earth even though he has a high profile, high pressure job. 
I say let it go - it was a random comment, I'm not convinced the public will overwhelmingly think poorly of him or that his image will be too tainted from this. 

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