Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wednesday randomness

A friend of mine showed me an amazing picture of a sunset that he took off the beach in Quincy. It made me  want to live near the beach, but I like being near the city too. I guess you still get that in Quincy.  I love my new apartment but I'm still itching to be random roommate/friend living arrangement free. 
I have a new appreciation for NYC. I used to be indifferent, since I was overwhelmed by it at first, and then favored Boston. (Yes, I still love Boston) After going there for work, to visit Jess, and to see shows - I enjoy it. I do NOT like Times Sq. that is the WORST part of the city. I think I am more familiar with it which clearly makes it more enticing and puts me at ease. It's strange that it took me longer to catch on there than anywhere else. I guess one or two sporadic visits will get that result, vs. living near Boston, or being forced to figure out a new city while living there for a month (London). Anyway - I'd live there, whereas at other points I had crossed off my list and was even annoyed when someone said - ' you have to live in NY at some point in your life!' 

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