Monday, September 28, 2009

Weird dream.

ok what is up w/ weird dreams lately?? I have been remembering them more often, but also, other people have been telling me their dreams too. 
Last night - I had a dream that I got to work on a Friday and we had to go on a field trip. Both my parents were on the bus. We get to the destination, which is some sort of Pilgrim/Puritan/Amish plantation. They tell the girls who are wearing skirts that they need to put on knee socks bc you aren't allowed to show off your legs. We get inside to this huge mansion and my parents and I start to explore. Suddenly- my mom gets back pain and lays on the floor. (Yes, just like Phyllis in the "Cafe Disco" episode of The Office.  (skip to 9:45) ) When she feels better, we start going up tons of stairs that spiral. I look into a room, which is grayish blue and has two beds in it.  In one was a person, and I couldn't tell if it was wax or real.  The face was all washed out and looked scary! I asked out loud if it was real, and the person turned their head and had their mouth open. Creepy. 

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