Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th of July & weekend fun

Short weeks are always the longest at work! I was only working 3 days but it was jam packed with meetings and tons to do. Wednesday - Scott and I cheers'ed to the weekend with Trivia at nearby Brighton Beer Garden. We did so well in the beginning, but went down hill after half time. Part of the issue was poor sound quality from the host, and that we were getting tired. 

Thursday, we did fun things like - go to Target. haha. We had some errands to run so we got those out of the way and then chilled for a bit til we met up with our friends Lauren & Jerry for dinner and Fireworks. 

There was a lot of hype around the fireworks at the Esplanade, and lots of added security. It was both comforting and unnerving to see so many state troopers and military personnel on the Cambridge side of the fireworks, and I heard a lot of people in the days post and prior saying things like they were glad nothing bad happened. Crowds can be scary, and things can happen as we all know from the marathon, but my thought has always been - you can't let one thing keep you from enjoying the city or things you love! 

Happy 4th!! 

No 4th is complete without my favorite patriotic song by the Boston Pops! 

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