Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Some one I work with has a habit of mixing up her clich√©s, unknowingly, which our team loves to call her out on. My favorites include, "I'll get off my soapdish now"    [Up on a soap box]
and "You're skating on thin water"   [Skating on thin ice].  Sometimes we get to hear newly invented words, such as the time she mentioned there were "snidbits" of information we could use. [Snippets + Tidbits]. Hence my title, Snidbits. 

Snidbits: Interesting snippets and tidbits I find on the internet, news, etc. Or things going on in my life to share.

Today's snidbits: 

 Empire State lights up to music

Nathan W. Pyle, specifically 


Friday, November 23, 2012


Thanksgiving was pretty good this year. I missed the entire crew from the '11 turkey trot - but powered through with my dad and Scott. I'm wary of the timing though. My gps tracked me at 36 min for 3.49 miles not 3.1 but maybe I was slow? The timing matched my finish line time so who knows. I'm definitely doing a jingle bell 5k to get a new best time this fall.

After the trot we had breakfast and started to prep food for the day. On the menu:
- zucchini boats
- cheese and crackers
- spinach dip

Dinner -
- turkey
- turnips
- mashed potatoes
- sweet potato soufflé
- corn (w cilantro, cumin and scallions)
- asparagus (w almonds and garlic)

Apple and pumpkin pie


I'm thankful for the fabulous friends and family in my life and look forward to a festive holiday season complete with a broadway show and visit from Heather and Erik!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome, Weekend!

This week has been non stop at work. So was last week, and the week before. I'm gearing up for some quality time off and can. not. wait! Thanks to the Turkey day Holiday, and a new vaca policy where I need to use up some time before I lose it, I have ALL next week off. WHOOOO HOO! 

Anyway - to kick of the weekend, I did some cleaning at home last night. Kitchen, bathroom, living room and finally -- bedroom. My room was trashed with clothes I had almost worn, an overflowing hanger of scarves and random mail scattered around. I avoided it hardcore (see above: Cleaning the entire apartment first) and gave in around midnight. Two hours after I said I was going to go to bed. (Thanks Mom for instilling the Night Owl gene! ) 

Of course this was now the perfect time to clean out my wardrobe. I ended up with a bag of clothes to donate, which I gave to my roommate Sarah who can donate them at work,  Partners in Health .

Unfortunately - at some point in the evening (12:45a?) I stood up, gathering a bunch of clothes on the floor to put in a bag and smacked my head on the corner of the open sock drawer. I'm honestly surprised it did not start bleeding, and was quick to call it a night after that. 

It is safe to say I need a few days off to relax and try not to hurt myself. T-minus 2 hours til the weekend officially begins with a pizza date w/Scott at Posto!