Tuesday, April 19, 2011

alt blog

I have some personal fitness goals I want to obtain, but instead of putting them here, I created a blog solely for this. If you want to read, great! But, it will mainly be for me to focus on what I want to do. If I have a designated place for it, maybe I won't be so lax about it. Hopefully it will be a great record of a transformation from lazy to runner! 


Monday, April 18, 2011


It's not allergies. I have a stupid cold. At least I held off on getting anything since Dec. '09. and cannot. stop. sneezing.  


wow. http://skinnyrunner.com/ makes me feel lazy. I need to get MOVING.


I picked up these new crackers at the grocery store yesterday and they are Tasty! They're a good midmorning snack, and are a little bit sweet, sort of maple - syrupy. It's better to reach for these guys than for the random chocolate easter egg or reese's peanut butter cup candies strewn about the office! 

Wheatables Toasted Pecan Crackers

Keebler® Wheatables® Nut Crisps Toasted Pecan crackers

Sunday, April 17, 2011

294 steps

A few weeks ago it was gorgeous on a Sunday and Scott and I wandered around Charlestown. We ended up at Bunker Hill and since it was open, we climbed up the 294 steps to the top. It made me nervous since the stairs got narrower towards the top, I was out of breath and nervous bc I am sort of afraid of heights. It was fun to do and the view was pretty cool.

an old cannon with a hole in it

shot from the top

view from the top

these are the only windows as you go up and down the stairs. 
Sort of looks like a bug zapper.

Memorial of the first monument, it was initially an 18 ft wooden pillar.

221 ft high

What a fancy stance. Hello William Prescott.

There are 4 gates to the monument. CT, MA, NH and American. Which one doesn't belong? Ha. 

American idiot

For my birthday - Scott and I went to NYC to see American Idiot

It was FANTASTIC!!! The music was fun, and there was little need for dialogue because the songs told a lot of the story. It reminded me of HAIR, in that it centers around 3 friends, who realize the world is changing and they have to figure out where they fit into it now. They start an adventure together, go three separate ways and it's interesting to watch the transformation and transition of characters. Definitely recommend! 

After, we had dinner at Dos Caminos, which has fabulous guacamole.

Yummy margaritas! 

bad decision - mango habanero sorbet. SPICY! 

Scott's 'tequila for sipping' - so strong. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shakespere via Ballet

Last night Amy and I saw the Boston Ballet perform "A Mid Summer's Night Dream." Unfortunately- work got hectic and I left late and BARELY made it in the nick of time. so close. 

Anyway - We definitely missed the 10 min window prior to read the synopsis so we could know what was going on - without dialogue. Basically it is a multi - layer love story, with fairies and "real" people. It is sort of comedic, especially when the "sprite" turns a townsman into a donkey to trick the girl (Hermia) so she will eventually be able to be with her true love, Lysander. 

There are some things about ballet that go over my head - the 15 minute solo dance of a couple that didn't seem that crucial in the story, but must have been if they had that much stage time. I'm not sure what their significance was. Also - men in tights. I'd love someone IN ballet to explain to me how that works, and why they don't wear any sort of short, or 'male tu-tu'. 

After, we headed to Jacob Wirth's  to get something to eat. Apparently on Thursday nights there is a piano man, who will take requests from his lengthy playlist that is on each table. Also - it's a good place for large groups - there were a few very long tables of people celebrating various events. One near us was for someone's birthday, and when the candles on the cake were blown out (sparkler  type candles) the waitress had to bring over a cup of water to put them out in. 

Overall - a refreshingly different Thursday night! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011


3/24, I turned 29.
I feel like my 'year in review' is on my bday rather than at New Years. 28 was ok, but personally I could have done better. I got lazy, and it shows. So, 29 is time to step it up and get to where and what I want to be before 30.

My birthday was so fun! I got chocolate covered strawberries from Heather, Erik and Evie and an Edible Arrangement from Scott!

Then, I went to Magoun's Saloon with Amy, Lori, Beth, Colls and Emmett for some bday beers, Bruins and UConn!

obligatory winter post

This winter was brutal. Lots of storms. Lots of ice. Relentless. Lots of shoveling. Here are some images I captured of the wonderful winter we had. 
Rudy watching Scott and I clear off the deck 

He's in the top right window. 

Ozzy clearly does not mind the snow. And refuses to look at the camera. 

I cleared the snow once it was dropped off the side. We had to attack it, break it up and toss it over. Tiring! 

Pretty sunset

Oh, what's that? I get to clean this off before work? super. 

Watch for icicles 

2 hours of chopping ice and clearing this off was totally worth it. Those snowbanks were still pretty high though! 


Work has been so crazy! some highlights from January and March are below:

Pat Patriot



Nashoba - Jan and Feb 2011

I haven't skiied in years. Not that I was any sort of expert when I did ski. This year, we attempted to regain our confidence at Nashoba Valley a few times. 
We had a mix of conditions - empty mountain (small, not steep); freezing, icy and crowded. One day - Scott attempted snowboarding!  
I think our favorite part was trying new beers at BBC afterwards! 

Whale Bowl - 2/19/11

Scott, Walt, Andrea and I attempted to brave the cold and go to the Whale Bowl - a hockey game played on a rink placed on Renschler Field between the CT Whale and Prov. Bruins.
It was around 28 degress with a windchill factor of 21. It felt like it was 5 with a wind chill of -10.
We didn't last too long before we opted for dinner at Mikro in Hamden.


Scott and Walt

Walt and Andrea

Me and Scott