Sunday, April 17, 2011

294 steps

A few weeks ago it was gorgeous on a Sunday and Scott and I wandered around Charlestown. We ended up at Bunker Hill and since it was open, we climbed up the 294 steps to the top. It made me nervous since the stairs got narrower towards the top, I was out of breath and nervous bc I am sort of afraid of heights. It was fun to do and the view was pretty cool.

an old cannon with a hole in it

shot from the top

view from the top

these are the only windows as you go up and down the stairs. 
Sort of looks like a bug zapper.

Memorial of the first monument, it was initially an 18 ft wooden pillar.

221 ft high

What a fancy stance. Hello William Prescott.

There are 4 gates to the monument. CT, MA, NH and American. Which one doesn't belong? Ha. 

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