Friday, April 15, 2011

Shakespere via Ballet

Last night Amy and I saw the Boston Ballet perform "A Mid Summer's Night Dream." Unfortunately- work got hectic and I left late and BARELY made it in the nick of time. so close. 

Anyway - We definitely missed the 10 min window prior to read the synopsis so we could know what was going on - without dialogue. Basically it is a multi - layer love story, with fairies and "real" people. It is sort of comedic, especially when the "sprite" turns a townsman into a donkey to trick the girl (Hermia) so she will eventually be able to be with her true love, Lysander. 

There are some things about ballet that go over my head - the 15 minute solo dance of a couple that didn't seem that crucial in the story, but must have been if they had that much stage time. I'm not sure what their significance was. Also - men in tights. I'd love someone IN ballet to explain to me how that works, and why they don't wear any sort of short, or 'male tu-tu'. 

After, we headed to Jacob Wirth's  to get something to eat. Apparently on Thursday nights there is a piano man, who will take requests from his lengthy playlist that is on each table. Also - it's a good place for large groups - there were a few very long tables of people celebrating various events. One near us was for someone's birthday, and when the candles on the cake were blown out (sparkler  type candles) the waitress had to bring over a cup of water to put them out in. 

Overall - a refreshingly different Thursday night! 


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It's the Pas de Deux!

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