Friday, February 11, 2011

Remember Me

Just watched Remember Me with Robert Pattison.  The film is about a girl - Ally, who witnesses her mothers' death*, and a guy- Tyler, who has also experienced death in his family. His family has lots of issues, and the two end up together under odd circumstances. I watched this thinking, oh ok - it is about these two, and their family relationships and either they have an awful breakup or live happily ever after. The ending was NOTHING that I expected. There is definitely a 'big reveal' moment at the end, and my mouth dropped open. I can't give away too much, because it would ruin the impact of the film. Overall - it is a good story about love, families, and realizing how short time on earth can be.

*TMI potential * I did like how the movie ended and started in the same place. As if things came full circle for Ally somehow.

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Jen Nemi said...

ooohhh, sounds good! must watch soon!