Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning, I opened presents at Scott's with him and his parents. Then, home to open gifts with the family and prep for our 11 person dinner!
Yummy cheese plate made by Heather

Receiving my award for the 'Most Improved Organizer of the Season'. I was on everyone about what the menus and plans were! 

All set for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Heather, Erik, Chris, Kait, me, Scott, and Aunt Patty

Adorable and delicious Christmas tree cupcakes made by Kaitlin! 

Shiloh scamming slices of turkey

Common scene that night

2 for 2 

Finally! I gave Erik the much coveted JLHS track sweatshirt, now that he is 'officially' in the fam

more gifts!

Someone got spoiled ! A creeper and car jacks for Scott from the Meads! 

Shiloh hiding from the crowd

Last ones standing. We had such a fun time hanging out! 

Ending the night on a high note. Mom laughing at Chris' Chewbacca impersonation

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve with the Vollonos

Traditional Sapporo consumption

Scott's parents' tree

my buddy Rudy

Chris, Stephen and Scott

Apps, among many other delicious dishes!

Big Steve enjoying the wine


Me, Scott, Nama, Chris and Jess

Nama and her boys

Scott, Stephen, Sophia, Nama, Chris, Laurel

Stephen, Amy, Sophia

Monday, December 27, 2010

Deck the Halls

Christmas is in CT  - the weekend after Thanksgiving, Scott and I got a tree to decorate. I brought all my ornaments and decorations to his house instead of bothering with my apartment. 

Best way to water live trees - wine bottles! The neck fits easily into the stand. 

Holiday Nog. 

We put the tree skirt on Ozzy. He didn't mind. I think he liked it! 

Stockings ready for Santa. 

Yes, 10 boxes of lights. 100 lights per strand. They ALL made it on the tree.

Oh Christmas Tree - shining so brightly!! 

Door decoration I created with a branch that didn't fit in the stand

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Need a little singing Ringing through the rafter

So my ipod isn't charged :( but You Tube has some nice GLEE Christmas playlists so I'm all set. My fave today is below: 

I'm excited to see Heather and Erik tonight (and for the next week!!) and to spend Christmas with them, Scott and the family. I'm out of work at 2, hoping for NO traffic, and finally FINALLY ready for the holiday season. I've struggled with the holiday spirit this year. (I think the snowfall this week helped!) But -finalizing wrapping, packing up the car, and planning the Christmas dinner menu has me ready to go! 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Celebration

To celebrate Dad's birthday - we went to dinner at Chucks in West Haven. After, we stopped by Duffy's for a few drinks and to listen to some music.
Free "Guinness Bailey" shots from the Bartender
(Guinness topped off with Baileys)

Me and the Birthday boy!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Scott came up and we spent time shopping and hanging out. First stop - pomegranite mimosas and a fantastic breakfast at Sound Bites

Tree at Fanueil Hall 

up close and personal

after some shopping, a much needed Black and Tan

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movember Pub Crawl

Yesterday we did a Movember Pub Crawl. Movember  is basically when men grow mustaches in November for prostate cancer and mens' health awareness. At the end of the month, they can shave, and usually have a party or pub crawl to raise more money (as they have been getting donations all month). Amy planned a movember pub crawl and knitted mustaches for us to wear. They were itchy and made it hard to drink but we had them on and off all night.
Amy, Jen, Jen's brother Dave and I met up with some of Amy's co-workers and friends, and were later joined by Emmett and Colleen and Jen's friend Sean (who we met at the MS bike!)  

I told Jen her mustache looked a little like a lion, or a zoobilee zoo character.

Amy had the BEST outfit - Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

random cool beer tap at Sunset 

Sean's mustache on top of his mustache

Every 'stache.

update on fenwick st

Well, we found a new roommate. Connie signed up on roommates.com and we met Nita - a 29 y/o Physical Therapist who is moving to Boston from Syracuse. She just got hired at Boston Medical and moves in the weekend of the 18th. I'll miss Johanna, but am happy her and Mike are doing so well and are moving in together.

cloud nine


Last December, Heather and I saw HAIR For the second time, and danced on stage at the end of the show . After meeting the cast, we were on cloud 9 - and determined that we could die happy after such a fantastic day. Well, last night I felt just as excited. Gavin Creel - who was the original lead in HAIR as Claude - was performing at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge.  Even though no one else was interested in going - I could NOT miss out when he was in town. So I left the Movember pub crawl to see him.

It was a-mazing. I actually made friends in line - 3 students from Suffolk University (theater majors) who asked if I was there alone and offered to let me sit with them. It was so sweet, and nice to be able to enjoy the show with people who love Gavin as much as I do. Ryan (from Suffolk) had a tshirt on that said "Mr. Gavin Creel", and his friends Jessica and Tiffany had shirts that said "Best Man" and "Ring Bearer". At the end of the show, Gavin was at the back of the club saying hi and taking pictures. People were lining up to buy cd's so I walked right over and talked to him for a few minutes! He gave me a hug, and I was thrilled. Still riding the high from it. Then - he signed Ryan, Jess and Tiffany's t-shirts. Such a fun night.

Ryan - Mr. Gavin Creel

Gavin said "I do!" 

so sweet to take this pic for Ryan! and SO adorable.

Lots of videos from the show on you tube. I think the woman taking this was sitting in front of me. She essentially filmed the entire thing.