Thursday, September 9, 2010

New bars means drink specials!

A new bar in Davis Sq ! Can't wait to try it! 

Foundry opened today in Davis Square and seems full of dark wood, an endless marbletop bar, mirrors and red leather stools. It has 32 beers on tap, a full menu and promises 'fine food, proper ale' on it's website. Offerings include fancy bar eats like poutine, steak frites, coq au vin and $5 drink specials on Monday and Sunday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 1

Ok, so Scott and I decided we are doing the Madison Turkey Trot again.  It is a 5 mile run on Thanksgiving day. Instead of barely training and hoping I don't die during the run, I am going to train for this. I looked up a couch to 5 miler in 10 weeks program and found one that seems pretty simple to follow. I created a document to track what I do by week. Below is the week one formula. Last night I did a 2 mile run/walk. I know it says one mile, but this is COUCH (i.e. no working out, no physical activity) to 5 miles, so I figure why not try to start out with what I can do. 

Week 1:
Walk 1/2 lap, then jog 1/2 lap, walk a half, jog a half for 1 mile.
You will alternate jogging & running 8 times (4 each) and complete 4 full laps, that's exactly 1 mile.
Now no matter how good you feel, go home.
Do this 4 to 6 days a week. Never less than 4 days or more than 6 days weekly.

Su - 9/5

M- 9/6

T- 9/7

W- 9/8

TH- 9/9

F – 9/10

S – 9/11








Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trivia tues.

 Last night, Lori, Beth and I went to Trivia at Old Magoun's Saloon near my house. We ALMOST WON!! we didn't wager enough points at the end, but came in 3rd. So, now we have a $15 gift certificate for next time.

Lori jumped right into the fall season and ordered some Shipyard Pumpkin ale - which is my favorite Pumpkin-esque beer. (Though I still love me some Sammy Octoberfest)  Anyway - the semi foam left on top had an interesting shape to it, and so of course I took a picture. We determined it looked like a pumpkin, I think it is a pumpkin eating a cat. Mostly, I think the pumpkin on the side of the glass looks cool.