Wednesday, September 1, 2010

trivia tues.

 Last night, Lori, Beth and I went to Trivia at Old Magoun's Saloon near my house. We ALMOST WON!! we didn't wager enough points at the end, but came in 3rd. So, now we have a $15 gift certificate for next time.

Lori jumped right into the fall season and ordered some Shipyard Pumpkin ale - which is my favorite Pumpkin-esque beer. (Though I still love me some Sammy Octoberfest)  Anyway - the semi foam left on top had an interesting shape to it, and so of course I took a picture. We determined it looked like a pumpkin, I think it is a pumpkin eating a cat. Mostly, I think the pumpkin on the side of the glass looks cool. 

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