Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bats are friggin creepy

We had a bat in the house tonight. EEEEEEEK. I went downstairs and was in the kitchen. I saw some black shadow, and went towards the dining room and a BAT flew past me. I BOLTED UP the stairs and squealed for Jen. Her and Allison came out of their rooms and I freaked out telling them about the bat. After consulting a few people, we called the non emergency fire dept line and they sent a truck w/ three firefighters out to save us. Well we had to get down to open the door, and the damn thing was hanging in the hall above the dining room door. We creep down the stairs and book it down to the front door where we stand outside waiting for the firefighters. 
They show up, have a bit of a laugh at us and get the bat out. They pinned it to the wall with a broom - it was making this AWFUL squealing noise. Then another dude grabbed it with these birding gloves and tossed it outside. At least now we can sleep easy - and hope that no more come in. 
(We have had contractors working out the outside of the house, so they will get a call to double check EVERYTHING to make sure this does not happen again.) 
It sort of looked like this, with its creepy pointed ears. 

Of course, all I could imagine was this: 



Ana from far away! said...

I would die if I find something like that, but it actually looks kind of cute in the second pic... haha

k. mead said...

I was freaking out - and did not even want to be anywhere near that thing. I hope we do not have any more bat encounters !