Friday, June 5, 2009


I am watching 20/20 - about teenage drinking and driving. Two girls in FL went to a club, got drunk and crashed one mile from their house. The driver survived and the other died. The family of the girl who died wants the driver in jail. The driver's family obviously doesn't. The thing that got me during all the interviews was the father of the driver. He said, these girls were underage and served by adults at the bar. It's not the person who drank, it's where they got the alcohol. SAY WHAT?? The girl drank and drove. Regardless of how she got the alcohol, she decided to drive after drinking. 
This is a horrible occurrence. The driver killed her best friend and has to live with that. She got 4 yrs in jail, instead of going to trial and facing an optional 10 years. I don't know if jail is the right 'punishment'. She is already punished every single day remembering that she was responsible for killing her best friend. 


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