Monday, March 10, 2008

st. paul

Smoking has been banned in bars in CT and MA for quite some time... I can't imagine ever going back to it! However, the rest of the country is still working on banning smoking in their restaurants and bars. . and it seems people aren't taking it well!

St. Paul, MN bar owners are finding loopholes to the new rule, by claiming that their bars are "theaters" and that patrons are "actors" in an improv show. Smoking inside is legal - if it is part of a theater production. I could credit their creative interpretations, but is smoking inside really that important? I heard this story on NPR, where they quoted a smoker/bar patron saying something to the effect of 'things are back to normal, I like that I can smoke and not be inconvenienced.' Ok buddy, what about the inconvenience you are causing non smokers? Is it really such a big deal to just go outside? If so, maybe the best thing is to stay home and smoke inside, only damaging your own lungs and affecting your own clothes!

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