Friday, February 22, 2008

la la la

My IPOD is possessed. I literally have it nearby all the time, since I have realized that music keeps me sane. (or happy, excited, or calm - whatever the situation calls for.)

Anyway - I KNOW I turned it off after the gym last night. Then pressed the 'lock' button so that when I shove it in my pockets or bag it won't turn on and drain the battery. I double checked it. OFF.

Not so much. Last night, around 11 I'm lying in bed and hear this faint noise like singing. I start wandering around my room - sure enough my IPOD is playing through my headphones. Strangely, it is still in 'lock' mode.. which means it could not have turned itself on. And, it is on a different playlist than what I had it on. Perhaps our house ghost, Eugene*, enjoys my music as much as I do, and wanted to listen?

*He's real, he flickers lights, turns off the TV while we are watching it, turns on the faucet, hides our things, and leaves dishes in the sink. Apparently he listens to IPOD's as well.

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