Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New blog.

No more Snidbits for me.

I moved ! My focus on life is not about my random rants, and it's not about the snippets and tidbits of my life. It's about the adventures Scott and I have together and in life that I want to share and look back on.

Kmeadrandomrants started as "Twentysomething" when I was Twentysomething and unsure what to do next in life. I felt like I had a lot to rant about and didn't know where to direct it. The blog was half assed and stalled - not surprisingly - since it didn't have a very positive start. I tried to salvage it as "Snidbits" - taken from a boss who constantly comes up with her own words and combines cliches, but couldn't get motivated to update it.

So with that--

I'm moving on! Come read about our life here:

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