Sunday, August 11, 2013


Friday night, I took Scott to see Wicked. It is one of my fave musicals, based on the story of the Wizard of Oz.  

This was my 2nd (or 3rd?) time seeing the show and it was fantastic. I love that the it has two female leads with amazing voices and acting ability.  And- that it tells what could have happened before the movie Wizard of Oz.  ( I have a weird childhood obsession /creeped out as an adult relationship with that movie) 

The first time I saw this, I was in love. I rooted for Elphaba, and was wooed by the dreamy presence of Fiyero. This production-- Elphaba and Glinda rocked. Fiyero, the dreamy prince/hero, was - weak. By the end he had a stronger presence, but I found hom hard to relate to. The guy who played secondary character Boq ( a munchkin- for reference) had way better stage presence and a much better voice. When the lead female and lead male sing a duet and you can't hear the male -- maybe it's a sound issue, but maybe it's a casting issue. 

Overall - fabulous show. B'way shows fill me with love and excitement, and it is 
always worth the ticket! 

( not our cast)

Below, a link to one of my fave songs - sung by the original cast. 

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Jodi said...

Wicked is my favorite musical and I've seen it 3 times! So good! Glad you had fun.