Thursday, December 6, 2012

Potato Gloves and Black Friday

 I would like to thank this blog  for the constant amusement and the WS link below. I laughed out loud at the comments.  

From the Haters Guide to Williams Sonoma Catalog:

Item #02-1496058 Potato Scrubbing Gloves
The Hater's Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog
Williams-Sonoma says: "Scrub potatoes clean while preserving skin that's nutrient rich. Set of two."
Price: $11.95
Notes from Drew: I desperately wanted it to say "Set of one" at the end. But anyway, who WOULDN'T like to have special gloves for whenever you have to handle potatoes? Potatoes are dirty and smelly, so it behooves you to wear a pair of gloves that will absorb all that dirt and grime and then get soaked through. Be sure to let them dry on your radiator! I also like that these gloves come with the word POTATO labeled across each one. Late at night, I often go digging through my basement screaming, "WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN POTATO GLOVES?" Because I usually end up grabbing the carrot gloves first, you know?

[Williams Sonoma is a great store, but Drew's commentary is funny! ]

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Adam went to Walmart on Black Friday and recapped the clientele. 

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